Americans Boycott 737 MAX

737 MAX Boycott

Nearly half will not a buy a ticket or accept this aircraft for travel until at least 6 months of it being returned to flying with a proven track record of no new fatalities. Therefore, if airlines insist on bringing it back into service then they need to be prepared for half of a year with financial losses in order to do so. American Travelers are not warming up to getting back onboard with this Flying Metal Death Trap.

“With the plane now nearly 3 months grounded and is still spurring front page news stories, it is still front and center for the public and remains an obvious overhang on shares. So perhaps unsurprisingly, about 70% of the US flying public have some hesitation on booking a flight today on the plane.”

The team’s data show that 41% of Americans would only choose to fly on the 737 Max after six months of safe operation. About 11% said they would change their minds after four to six months, 10% said one to three months are enough, and 8% said they will never fly on the plane.


Link: Business Insider

Link: Flying Metal Death Trap


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