Fly by Wire: 2001 Space Odyssey

Modern day’s aviation Fly by Wire is today’s newest battle of Man versus Machine. “The captain of Qantas Flight 72 has opened up for the first time about the day the automation of a plane he was in charge of ‘went psycho’ and repeatedly nose-dived towards the Indian Ocean. More than 100 people were injured when the pilots of the flight, carrying 303 passengers and 12 crew members from Singapore to Perth, lost control of the aircraft on October 7, 2008. … More Fly by Wire: 2001 Space Odyssey

ICARUS Cockpit Culture of Fly Till You Die

Greek Mythology told of a story with a father named Daedalus. He warned his son Icarus not to fly too high, or the sun would melt his waxen wings. However, the boy, intoxicated with flight, soared above his cautious father. In the clear blue sky, the warmth of the sun dissolved his delicate wings, causing him to plunge to his death in the green sea below. The myth of Icarus is used to illustrate the ancient Greek word hubris, a term for the overweening human pride and vanity that often result in tragedy. … More ICARUS Cockpit Culture of Fly Till You Die