Vistara Airlines: New Flight Service to India


Vistara Airlines

Vistara wants to acquire new widebodies. In addition, India’s aviation ministry may choose to grant foreign carriers new frequencies– especially on those city pairs underserved by Indian carriers. Here are five potential new routes:

  1. Mumbai to Manchester
  2. Chennai to Paris
  3. Mumbai to Toronto (year-round flights)
  4. Mumbai to Sydney
  5. Delhi to Johannesburg

India’s international routes are currently severely short on capacity with the lack of Jet Airways. While new routes could be granted to airlines, the question becomes when will capacity be restored as there is a significant delay when an airline establishes a new route. This delay comes from setting up infrastructure on both ends and, in some congested airports, attaining the necessary slots.

“KLM will increase capacity to India, including putting the 787-10 in service and add a new route between Bangalore and Amsterdam. Virgin Atlantic will commence new service from London to Mumbai. Moreover, Delta will launch service from New York to Mumbai. British Airways is also adding additional flights to India. Meanwhile, Qatar and American are considering additional flights to India.”  (Simple Flying)

“Vistara also plans to operate international flights soon; it received the government’s nod for this in March. Its loyal base of business class travelers may also prove helpful as it launches global operations.

Meanwhile, AirAsia India plans to double its fleet in the next 15 months. The Bengaluru-based airline also plans to launch international operations by October, once it receives the requisite approvals. While AirAsia shows how to leverage the low-cost carrier model, with Vistara they are eyeing the European market. In the near future, it’s very much possible for Vistara to compete with airlines like Emirates.” (Quartz India)

“Indian market is a big market and is a very fast growing market… clearly things are changing very fast in the Indian market in connection with what has happened with Jet Airways. I think certainly to that degree possible, it will help (that)… Air India will have higher capacity and better yields because there is less capacity in the market.”           (Money Control)

Link: Simple Flying

Link: Quartz India

Link: Money Control


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