Outsourced Maintenance: “Profits over Safety”

The airlines are shipping this maintenance work offshore for the reason you’d expect: to cut labor costs. Mechanics in El Salvador, Mexico, China, and elsewhere earn a fraction of what mechanics in the U.S. do. In part because of this offshoring, the number of maintenance jobs at U.S. carriers has plummeted, from 72,000 in the year 2000 to fewer than 50,000 today. … More Outsourced Maintenance: “Profits over Safety”

Neurological Brain Damage Inflight

  A clip from 2010 was shown last nite when reporters were talking about current Organophosphate Poisoning from Zika pesticide spraying. Yet, even though these poisons are the same and create the same symptoms, Dept of Agriculture will only investigate the poisons which create these Neurotoxins in humans if sprayed from a can for immigration purposes onboard … More Neurological Brain Damage Inflight