Operation Indigo Skyfold

Chemtrails contain a mix of toxic chemicals and poisonous compounds such as barium salts, aluminum oxide, strontium, mercury among many others, which eventually end up falling to Earth.  The chemtrail mix of toxins inevitably leaves its residues on farm fields and forests, lakes and ponds, and lawns and gardens. Geoengineering has proven — unequivocally — to be extremely detrimental to both human health and the greater planetary environment. Pilots are told to fly specific routes, while satellites control aerosol dispersal patterns.
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Operation Indigo Skyfold: Phase 2

This was first exposed during late 2014 when a military pilot whistleblower stepped forward and completely blew the lid off the unlawful and exceedingly destructive Global Chemtrail Program. We already knew about the HAARP weather manipulation, the toxic barium and aluminum, the nano-particles, Morgellons Disease, aerosol vaccines and other various carcinogens that were being sprayed … More Operation Indigo Skyfold: Phase 2