Airlines Plea for Defective 737 MAX

737 MAX back into sky


This aircraft was designed to crash due to its intentionally defective aerodynamic design with oversized and incorrectly placed engines which do not fit this aircraft. Airline management knows this and could care less. Management only concern is the bottom line and their investment in these purchased Flying Metal Death Traps.

Consumer confidence is not there and most likely never will be again for the Boeing 737 MAX. The aircraft has one of the tightest and most miserable seating configurations for passengers with very tight seats and some of the most claustrophobic lavatories in aviation today. The aircraft is completely torturous for passengers but if it actually was able to fly safely then it would be a cash cow for airlines. This is why they are all fighting so desperately to bring this flying sardine can of an airplane back into the air which was created to crash due to purposely flawed aircraft design.

Public pressure needs to remain constant and resilient as well as unified with their voices that this airplane is not acceptable. It needs to be dismantled and retrofitted with the standard 737 engines to make it safe to fly. The airlines and Boeing would have to take a loss. Yet, that is the only decent, acceptable and ethical thing to do with these aircraft which they have already sold.
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