Boeing: “It Feels Personal”

Boeing CEO


As he goes on tv shedding his crocodile tears on how he says it feels personal for him. Well, I’m sure it is really personal for those families of the deceased passengers and crew that are left behind. This is where it is really personal. Not personal for the leader of a company that intentionally and knowingly placed a known defective “Flying Metal Death Trap” into the air that was designed to crash. This was all done based on his own corporate greed and his greedy shareholders. This is just more of the same theme of “Profits over Safety.”

He feels it is so personal that he is now fighting to get his same metal flying death traps back into the air with no costly new pilot simulator training being required. He gives us the heartfelt crocodile tears speech on one hand and then turns right around and does the same activity that got his company into this mess in the first place. His actions do not match his words at all. This guy is a lying snake in the grass. I really hope the family’s lawyers take this company to the cleaners in court. They deserve everything they have coming to them. These people are so greed driven and loss of human life is just a cost of doing business for them.

They really need to just dismantle these oversized engines, retrofit these parked planes with the correct smaller original 737 engines, resell them all as standard 737 aircraft and just cut their losses on them. This would be the only decent and honest thing to do if they had even s shred of integrity which they clearly do not have. I have been such a huge fan of Boeing my entire flying career. I just do not think I can ever look at them or their aircraft in the same way after all this. I am beyond disappointed and disgusted in their corporate response to these events.


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Link: Boeing: No 737MAX Pilot Simulator Training

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