FLIGHT TIMES: (4) FUME EVENT: Aviation’s Biggest Lie

Link: FUME EVENT: “Aviation’s Biggest Lie” Amazon

This is a documentary and exposé of my own personal journey as well as that of fellow co-workers who have dealt with the deception, lies, collusion and retaliation after encountering a ‘fume event’, which is the aviation industry’s terminology for an engine wet seal ‘bleed’ affecting the aircraft breathing air which can fill the cabin with neurotoxic, visible or invisible, fumes of ‘organophosphate’ containing chemicals. This is Aviation’s Biggest Lie and it has been told for over 60 years. It is time for the flying public to know the truth. You come home from a flight and you have, quote ‘jet lag’, or you are traveling and never got sick before but suddenly you become violently ‘air sick’ onboard for no apparent reason. ‘Jet lag’ and ‘air sick’ are often the airlines ‘explanation’ and ‘excuse’ when they have actually poisoned you with leaking toxic cabin air. Once you read this book, you will never ever look at air travel the same way again.

Knowledge is Power.

Fume Event Web

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