Flying Metal Death Trap: 737 MAX

Veteran 737 Pilot Chris Brady is in the 737 simulator where the plane continues to nosedive plummeting to the earth as the automated “Rogue” MCAS keeps reactivating every 5 seconds causing the plane to spiral down out of control again and again. American Airlines pilot Dennis Tajer refers to it as “Flying with a Blindfold in a Dark Forest. It is powerful, relentless, like a monster in a cage” An airplane with a criminally negligent known “Design Flaw” which has created one of aviation’s greatest scandals. … More Flying Metal Death Trap: 737 MAX

5G Health Disaster on the Horizon

Dr. Sharon Goldberg: She testified at Michigan’s 5G Small Cell Tower Legislation Hearing October 4, 2018. She explains why 5G should not be rolled out, and the association between exposure to microwave RF radiation and blood sugar, diabetes, congestive heart failure, and cancer. Dr. Goldberg is a board-certified internal medicine physician with several decades experience, a teacher at a large number of medical schools, and a researcher, with an interest in and has extensive knowledge of EMF exposures. … More 5G Health Disaster on the Horizon

Outsourced Maintenance: “Profits over Safety”

The airlines are shipping this maintenance work offshore for the reason you’d expect: to cut labor costs. Mechanics in El Salvador, Mexico, China, and elsewhere earn a fraction of what mechanics in the U.S. do. In part because of this offshoring, the number of maintenance jobs at U.S. carriers has plummeted, from 72,000 in the year 2000 to fewer than 50,000 today. … More Outsourced Maintenance: “Profits over Safety”

Aerotoxic Syndrome: Catecholamine Mediated Myocarditis

Catecholamine Mediated Myocarditis is by far the most serious and fatal of all the medical conditions incurred from Aerotoxic Syndrome: related Fume Events. Many in the initial stages of the organophosphate poisoning exposures will not see this symptom materialize until severe and excessive accumulative Fume Events have occurred. However, once the patient is in this stage, the condition is often chronic, it does not go away and becomes the main cause that ends the life for countless disabled and injured Aerotoxic Syndrome victims around the world. The Aerotoxic Syndrome diagnosis is still only accepted in parts of Europe. The blanket accepted USA diagnosis is called Organophosphate Poisoning of the Brain, Lung, Heart, Skin, and Eyes. … More Aerotoxic Syndrome: Catecholamine Mediated Myocarditis

Cabin Air Safety Act

Senator Richard Blumenthal proposed new legislation to be added to the ever-expanding FAA Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization Act in an effort to protect airline travelers in his amendment titled the Airline Passengers’ Bill of Rights. This amendment defines and expands the rights provided to passengers and ensures tougher oversight of the airline industry. This is in regards to the long hidden and denied issue of Contaminated Cabin Air as well as the many serious debilitating health issues that prolonged and residual accumulative exposures create in Pilots, Flight Attendants and Passengers.

More Cabin Air Safety Act

ICARUS Cockpit Culture of Fly Till You Die

Greek Mythology told of a story with a father named Daedalus. He warned his son Icarus not to fly too high, or the sun would melt his waxen wings. However, the boy, intoxicated with flight, soared above his cautious father. In the clear blue sky, the warmth of the sun dissolved his delicate wings, causing him to plunge to his death in the green sea below. The myth of Icarus is used to illustrate the ancient Greek word hubris, a term for the overweening human pride and vanity that often result in tragedy. … More ICARUS Cockpit Culture of Fly Till You Die

Germanwings Pilot had a Flight Log with over 156 Contaminated Air Fume Events

The final Flight Logbook of the deceased German Wings Pilot Andreas Lubitz tells the story. He had clearly been slowly poisoned to death. After reading his Flight Log, there is not a shadow of a doubt now for me that he died from Contaminated Cabin Air. Keep in mind that I have permanent heart muscle damage leaving me disabled from flying after (9) such events, This Pilot had been flying on aircraft that had a mind-numbing 156 or more Fume Events prior to his death in the Flight Logbook. These events were also often followed by multiple pressure leaks with reduced oxygen levels on multiple Germanwings aircraft. … More Germanwings Pilot had a Flight Log with over 156 Contaminated Air Fume Events

Toxic Cabin Air Litigation Continues to Recirculate Through the Courts

A key issue in domestic toxic cabin air litigation is whether state law negligence standards apply or whether a plaintiff’s claims are preempted by federal law under the theory of implied field preemption.

One of the first issues commonly litigated is whether the case will be heard in federal or state court. Another issue many of the injured faces is the fact that “Aerotoxic Syndrome” is not an officially recognized medical diagnosis in the US Court system. However, Organophosphate Poisoning is an accepted term. The next Burden of Proof entails showing the direct cause of this type of injury in a court of law.  It will remain impossible to monitor or find the root cause for toxic fume event exposures until the industry implements a cabin air sensor monitoring system. … More Toxic Cabin Air Litigation Continues to Recirculate Through the Courts