Protect yourself from 5G EMF / Covid-19


There are many scenarios that are just not adding up in the way that Coronavirus / Covid-19 is being presented to the public. The symptoms, statistics and deaths are very contradicting which leaves more questions than answers. Several situations which we simply can not ignore is the fact that the Bill Gates Foundation had a simulation exercise depicting this exact same scenario on October 18,2019 in New York called Event 201 A Pandemic Exercise. This same Gates Foundation is heavily involved in the forefront of Agenda 21: The Depopulation Agenda. There have been many scientists like Dr Sharon Goldberg already sounding the alarm on the toxic and dangerous side effects of the 5G Worldwide Rollout. Just some additional food for thought that many may not be aware of so far. Wuhan, China which was the initial ground zero epicenter of the Coronavirus also happened to be the ground zero rollout city for 5G Technology. Wuhan is also the location of a BLS-4 Biological Weapons Science Lab that was working on a weaponized biological elevated version of SARS at the time of the Covid-19 outbreak. Diamond Princess was the first most highly publicized cruise ship to have mass amounts of sickened passengers with Coronavirus. This ship was also the rollout customer for Medallion Satellite equipped WiFi 5G onboard this first initial cruise ship which went live in March 2020. Perhaps these are just coincidences but then perhaps not. The more facts that continue to unfold points to a connection with Coronavirus and 5G between all these entities: Weaponized Coronavirus / Covid-19, GMO Foods, Glyphosate Pesticides, 5G Technology and Mandatory Vaccinations. These are all bi-products from the same family tree of toxic health disruptors created by design. We know that these things are currently happening to us all but the big question is why and what is the end game here?

Basically we are being attacked from all sides and on every level right now in regards to our immunity and health. One must do many things to navigate these modern day minefields to support and maintain a healthy resistance. We must search for the right foods since most produce is contaminated with GMO Genetically Modified Organisms, High Fructose Corn Syrup and Glyphosate Pesticides which wreak havoc on your intestinal and digestive health. Many airline crew members and frequent travelers have already been left vulnerable now than ever due to repeated Fume Event Organophosphate Poisoning which is accumulative in their brains, hearts and lungs. These events have caused crew members and passengers to incur a health compromised immunity due to the contaminated cabin air in their daily work. This is only going to be further exasperated with the introduction of Covid-19 into their workplace. Flight Attendants are now rated as one of the highest level of employees expected to contract the virus now due to on the job risk of contamination. Passengers are not screened for domestic travel and masks are not currently mandated for passengers and crew.

Crew members are already in a vulnerable health position due to accumulative Fume Event Organophosphate Poisoning, GMOs Genetically Modified Food, Glysophate pesticides and Coronavirus / Covid-19 exposure. Now the final nail in the coffin for many of us will be the residential worldwide roll out of 5G Technology. It is nothing more than Microwave Radiation Warfare under the disguise of faster internet and streaming access. The change from 4G to 5G is way more than they are claiming. This new 5G exposure places us all at a heightened risk for biological damage, DNA damage, cancer, cardiomyopathy, congestive heart failure, psychiatric affects, neurological damage, elevated blood sugar, kidney failure, renal failure, reduced sperm count, sterility, deterioration of mental health, increased rage, violent behaviors and suicidal tendencies. Cabin Crew are severely immunosuppressed from Fume Events and already have these organophosphate chemicals attached to their receptors. These issues have even been worsened in recent years due to toxic fiber uniform pieces that are covered in Formaldehyde and Chromium 6. The combination of Fume Event Organophosphate Poisoning, Toxic Uniforms and GMO Foods have left many crew with a secondary disorder called MCS Multiple Chemical Syndrome.

This makes these already very questionable vaccines in the pipeline all the more dangerous for them. Crew and Passengers with MCS can have severe and even lethal reactions to other trigger chemicals including organophosphate pesticides, deodorizers with BHT / Acetaldehyde, and toxic Vaccines with Mercury Thimerosal. These same proposed toxic vaccines cause Aluminum Adjuvant Toxicity, autism, encephalitis and brain inflammation from this neurotoxin ingredient which creates even further compromised autoimmunity. Most humans in metropolitan areas are already developing an accumulative reduced immunity from the constant Chemtrail Spraying in the latest Operation Indigo Skyfold II. Chemtrails contain a mix of toxic chemicals and poisonous compounds such as barium salts, aluminum oxide, strontium, mercury among many others, which eventually end up falling to Earth. The chemtrail mix of toxins inevitably leaves its residues on farm fields and forests, lakes and ponds, and lawns and gardens. This works in synergy with the HAARP Weaponized Weather modification used by the US Military. The next phase of HAARP is Directed Energy Weapons which can beam laser energy to create fires around the globe to further herd the population. These were used in the devastating fires in both California and Australia. Lower levels of this same technology can be beamed at human crowds or demonstrators engaging in civil disobedience which will create a forcefield of heat to disperse anyone from retaliating in a time of Martial Law.

This now brings us to the final pieces of the puzzle and the cards that are yet to be played which include: Shelter in Place, Martial Law, Walmart FEMA Rex 84 Camps for Food Rationing and Mandatory Vaccinations. The last card played will be called the ID2020 Alliance which will blend the Covid-19 Vaccination which is already of a very questionable nature and content with an RFID Chip mixed into this mandatory vaccination. It will track every individual on our planet. Many in religious circles are already referring to ID2020 Alliance as the Mark of the Beast.

There is not alot we can do to protect ourselves with what is ahead for most of us now. The few things we can do is remain vigilant, stay informed, keep yourself clean, use sanitizer or make your own, obtain a N95 Mask or Cambridge Mask and wrap around clear goggles or eyewear. If possible try to stock up on as much non-perishable, dry, clean, organic, non-gmo foods as possible like pasta, soups, organic frozen fruits and vegetables etc. The last line of defense that we can do is by ordering some of the following to protect ourselves from the residential 5G rollout which will further lower our immune systems and possibly even exasperate the Covid-19.

Here are a few items I have ordered to protect myself and my home. These are going to be helpful for anyone wanting protection from the 5G Rollout while they are still in stock.

5G EMF Protection Helpful Links:

Smart Meter Cover

EMF Protective Hat

EMF Protective Beanie

EMF Protective Underwear

EMF Protective Hoodie

EMF T-Shirt

EMF Rezotone Shield

EMF Laptop Cell Phone Protector

EMF Grounding Sheets

EMF Orgone Necklace

EMF Bedding Canopy

EMF Sleep Mat Pad

EMF Laundry Protection

EMF Eyeglasses / Phone Screen Protection

EMF Paint

EMF Detector Reader

Solar Generator

5G Health Disaster on the Horizon

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