Signal: Most Secure Messaging App


Say “hello” to a different messaging experience. An unexpected focus on privacy, combined with all of the features you expect. Signal is generally considered to be one of the most secure messaging apps available. It’s open source, uses end-to-end encryption by default, and unlike WhatsApp, it doesn’t store any message metadata or use the cloud to back up messages. (Signal)

The European Commission has told its staff to switch to the encrypted Signal messaging app in a move that’s designed to increase the security of its communications. Politico reports that, earlier this month, a message on the commission’s internal messaging boards notified employees about the change. “Signal has been selected as the recommended application for public instant messaging,” the message to the EU’s executive branch says.

According to Politico, Signal will not be used for all communication. Encrypted emails will be used to send non-classified but sensitive information, and classified documents use tighter security measures still. Signal, meanwhile, is intended to be used for external communications between staff and people outside the organization. The UK’s Conservative party also recently switched to the service. The initiative comes as the EU is attempting to lock down the security of its communications in the wake of high-profile hacks. (theVerge)

The Signal protocol underpins WhatsApp’s encryption, but Facebook’s ubiquitous messaging service doesn’t hold a candle to Signal itself. WhatsApp is the most popular communications app on the planet with over two billion users using it for messaging. Bought by Facebook in 2014.

Here’s why you should use Signal for any conversation where privacy matters – even if that’s just giving your family the shared Disney+ password – and why your friends should, too. Signal has had disappearing messages – which are automatically deleted after a specified period of time – since 2016 but the feature is still being tested with small numbers of WhatsApp users. All of Signal’s source code is published for anyone to examine. As a larger platform, WhatsApp is more inviting to malicious actors to start with, but the fact that its codebase is a proprietary closed box means that it may take longer for dangerous vulnerabilities to be detected.

How much can you trust Facebook?

Perhaps the most compelling reason to use Signal is Facebook’s long-standing lack of respect for its users’ privacy. Facebook has an appalling history when it comes to data collection and handling, from the Cambridge Analytica affair to its practice of sharing data about users with phone manufacturers.

It’s already proved that it can’t be trusted with WhatsApp user data that should, under EU law, have remained private. In 2017, European regulators took action against Facebook for sharing the WhatsApp users’ phone numbers with its Facebook social network for advertising purposes. Firmly in breach of data protection regulations, it was an opt-out rather than opt-in system. Facebook had previously claimed such a mechanism would never be implemented.

WhatsApp co-developer Brian Acton, who left Facebook in 2017 and went on to co-found the Signal Foundation with Marlinspike, has harshly criticised Facebook’s approach to privacy and revealed that Facebook coached him “to explain that it would be really difficult to merge or blend data between [WhatsApp and Facebook]” when giving information to EU regulators in 2014.

Facebook’s desire to insert adverts and commercial messaging into WhatsApp and potentially compromise its security prompted Acton to leave Facebook early, sacrificing some $850 million in stock in the process. Acton’s fellow WhatsApp dev, Jan Koum, also walked out on Facebook following reported disputes with the company over its efforts to weaken encryption. Mark Zuckerberg has since publicly supported end-to-end encryption, saying it will also be added to its Messenger app.

Facebook was until recently still vacillating over plans to introduce adverts to WhatsApp, with the latest reports indicating that the plan has finally been scrapped. Although it’s not clear what will eventually happen to the service when Facebook merges WhatsApp with Instagram messaging and Messenger. (Wired)

Now in 2020 the Whatsapp acquisition has recently gotten more clandestine and imposing much like Facebook Messenger. This is in regards to spying and saving your data communications including your deleted messages as well as NSA reporting just like Facebook. Telegram is not safe due to numerous breach and hacking issues as well. Now is the time to get off of Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and Instagram before these apps are fully blended and integrated this year. Any shred of privacy and security will be completely lost for the users. Facebook and You Tube have both been in a media storm this year on a wide variety of legal issues including: illegal censorship, spying, anti trust, privacy breach violations and the full gambit goes on from there.

These two media companies are dealing with huge public relations and trust image problems right now which is certainly deserved. This is a good time to re-evaluate your email provider as well. I know it is hard to let go of an email which you have given out to the world for multiple years. However, most emails are no longer secure or safe from hacking, spying or interception these days. Even if you just slowly start moving only important correspondence then it needs to be done. Aol, Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Earthlink and Yahoo are just a few that are at the most risk of hacking and breaches. Signal is an encrypted email provider based out Switzerland that has no affiliation with any of the problematic players which currently have created a breach of trust and conflict of interest with their email services such as: Aol, Google, Facebook and Microsoft.

Most users who operate online Forums, Chatrooms and Media Channels have begun switching their Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and Telegram to Signal for privacy. These groups are also making back up channels for Facebook on MeWe and for You Tube on Bitchute. MeWe is the new Social Network and BitChute is the new Video Channel. Instagram is owned by Facebook as well and will also be part of the coming Whatsapp messenger integration this year. The Zuckerberg tentacles are now getting into every part of your social media life. Instagram users are slowly migrating over to Pinterest which is still privately held and not part of the Facebook group so far. These services are not subjected to the Zuckerberg, Gates and Soros Censorship programs that have become rampant online these days. If your favorite Facebook Forum or Chatroom suddenly disappears then go log onto MeWe and you will most likely find it there. If your favorite You Tube channel suddenly disappears then log onto BitChute and you will find those on that platform.

We are living in very distorted and Orwellian times in our country during 2020. Big Brother has grown more and more pervasive and invasive into all of our lives. We all need to make the next steps in taking back our freedom today by moving your Instant Message and Texting to Signal. If you are an admin for a Facebook Forum or Chatroom then take the steps to create a back up social media platform on MeWe. If you are a You Tube Channel promoter or content provider then start creating your back up channel on BitChute. One day soon we may all log onto the web and see that Signal, MeWe and BitChute are only available choices left for Freedom, Free Speech and Privacy.

This is a good time to start re-evaluating your current email provider. Many of the more common popular and widely used email services are highly subjected to hacking, spying and interception these days. Some of the worst ones are Aol, Gmail, Hotmail, Earthlink, Hotmail and Outlook for these problems. I know it is hard to let go of an email that you have given the world for the past multi decades of your life. However, it is time to make that change slowly even if it is just for banking, shopping and any private or important communications by email. Those of us who have moved to Signal, MeWe and BitChute are now using Protonmail for the email provider. This service is a free encrypted email based out Switzerland and it has no affiliations with any of the top Privacy Breach offenders: Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Aol etc.

If you want to prevent your Browser History from being tracked, spied on and hacked then install DuckDuckGo private browser instead of using Internet Explorer or Chrome. You can use this as a free add on browser for Safari, Firefox or Chrome etc. If you want to protect your ISP address and location then you can download a free anonymous VPN at ExpressVPN. As an added protection if you have not enabled it already then do so now. This is the 2-factor authentication by text or call. You need this these days on all your email accounts, banking, credit cards, shopping like amazon, ebay and anything that someone can hack or exploit. I recommend putting it on all your social media access platforms as well such as Facebook, You Tube, BitChute, and MeWe etc. It is an unfortunate world that we live in now that this has become a necessary evil for protection. I know it seems like an extra hassle but it will give you peace of mind that nobody can access any of your social media platforms, public profiles, or private information without getting an access code typed in from your cell phone to verify it is actually you making this access.


I have enclosed the links for these providers below. Now is the time to start making preparations for that future coming reality. It is time to take back your Freedom and Privacy today.




Link: NewYorkTimes

Link: CNBC

Link: WallStreetJournal

Link: FinancialTimes

Link: NoPrivacyTwitter


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