JetBlue Transatlantic Expansion 2021

Jet Blue Transatlantic

JetBlue Orders 12 Airbus A321XLR Aircraft to Support Its Focus City Strategy with Transatlantic Flying. The airline has converted 13 Aircraft in Existing Order Book to the Xtra Long Range Version of Airbus’ Newest, Fuel-Efficient Aircraft to Expand Transatlantic Options. They will also be exercising an option to Take 10 Additional A200-300 Aircraft – Featuring Powerful Combination of Economics and Range – Increasing Total on Order to 70

The incredible extended range of the A321XLR allows us to evaluate even more overseas destinations as we think about JetBlue’s expansion into European markets plagued by high premium fares and subpar service,” said Robin Hayes, chief executive officer, JetBlue. The airline also announced it is exercising its option to add 10 additional A220-300 aircraft to its order with delivery beginning in 2025. The A321XLR is the latest evolution of the A321neo aircraft family and features an extended range of 4,700 nautical miles – some 600 nautical miles more than the A321LR aircraft. The increased flying distance is made possible with an additional rear center tank for more fuel volume. And with 30% lower fuel burn per seat than previous-generation aircraft, JetBlue can maximize the benefits of single-aisle aircraft economics.” (BusinessWire)

“As well as London, Paris is also of “great interest,” and Amsterdam is also on Hayes’ radar but he said he had been told it had “no slots available for the foreseeable future.”  If it can’t get into more congested airports, JetBlue may end up doing something similar to what Norwegian has done and serve smaller airports, although this may be more of a challenge, given it wants to pick up a big slice of the corporate market. JetBlue is in a much stronger financial position than Norwegian and those other airlines that have tried and failed to shake up the transatlantic market — including those short-lived all-business class carriers. There’s gonna be a bunch of regional airports both in the UK and in Europe that this airplane will work in and we haven’t even started thinking about it yet, because we want to start with the larger airports where our customers in Boston and New York are telling us where we need to prioritize.” (Skift)


“The new routes won’t be JetBlue’s first foray into international markets. It currently services nearly two dozen countries from the US, with flights as far south as Ecuador and Peru. However, this will be its first venture into Europe, where it will compete with major airlines. American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines all serve London from New York and Boston. As do a couple of British companies and the budget airline Norwegian, which offers dirt-cheap, no-frills flights from the east coast to London and other European cities.” (Thrillist)

International City Pairs that JetBlue is evaluating for use of these new transatlantic aircraft: JFK-LIM, JFK-CUZ, MCO-VCP, MCO-LIM, MCO-EZE, MCO-SCL, JFK-FCO, JFK-CDG, JFK-DUB, JFK-FCO, JFK-MAD, JFK-MXP, JFK-BCN, LAX-LIM, LAX-GIG.  It certainly seems that JetBlue and Moxy are going to give Delta, American, United, British Airways and Norwegian a run for their money in the long monopolized transatlantic market.

Link: BusinessWire

Link: Skift

Link: Thrillist

Link: Crew Life

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