Fukushima Radiation: Death of the Ocean Food Chain


It was March 1, 2011, when the Fukushima reactor began to leak into the Pacific Ocean. This story has been out of the news for the most part since that time. Mainly, because the governments of the world do not want to alarm the people since they really have no solution to what is happening. What is happening you may ask? Well, this reactor has continued to leak into our oceans for now going on 9 years.

What impact has this continual radiation leak into our oceans caused in the way of our food chain, sea life, and human health? If you watch the mainstream media they will tell you all is well. Just go back to your social media, video games and reality tv shows. There is nothing to see here. However, they can no longer keep perpetuating these lies since the evidence keeps washing up on our beaches in California, Alaska, and Mexico.

Many may think that this is not about me and it is not my problem. However, it will soon be all of our problems . When we have no bees to pollinate our crops then we have no fruits or vegetables. We then have no feed for cows, pigs, and chickens which means no meat. When we have all toxic radiated sea life then that means we have no fish, no shrimp, no crab, and no seafood. If you haven’t gotten the big picture on just how huge this story is then I hope everyone is finally paying attention here. No Food Chain and No Food Source will eventually equal No Humans. Once we finally realize that this is all our problem by then it may be too late.

First, we had Monsanto now Bayer with the toxic GMO seeds and Glyphosate pesticides which have caused the Bee Colony Collapse. Next, we rolled out tests for the 5G and mass killings of birds fell out of the sky. Now the concealed radiation ocean leaks which never really stopped have now come home to roost all down the west coast of North America. The shorelines are littered with dead Gray Whales, Bottlenose Dolphins, and Sea lions. These water mammals are being found dead and emaciated from starvation which means that something has contaminated or killed their food supply. They also have lethal types of Heart and Lung conditions which are completely abnormal for these types of sea creatures to have in the ocean.

“According to the National Science Museum, most of the inspected 17 dolphins had their lungs in ischemia state. The chief of the researching team state d: “Most of the lungs looked entirely white”… internal organs were generally clean without any symptoms of disease or infection, but most of the lungs were in ischemia state. Ischemia is a vascular disease involving an interruption in the arterial blood supply to a tissue, organ, or extremity that, if untreated, can lead to tissue death.

Many reports have been published on the links between ischemia and radiation exposure: It has been shown that the ionizing radiation in small doses under certain conditions can be considered as one of the starting mechanisms of IHD [ischemic heart disease]. Radiation risks on non-cancer effects have been revealed in the [Chernobyl] liquidators. Recently, the statistically significant dose risk of ischemic heart disease.” (NewsPunch)

“More than 400 tons of radioactive water has been flowing into the Pacific ocean every day since the meltdowns began. Although the full extent of the damage from Fukushima Daiichi has yet to be determined, the volume of these releases alone shows that we are dealing with something unprecedented in history. The mass die-offs began with marine invertebrates such as sea stars, which are known (both in general and specifically) to be especially susceptible to the effects of radiation.

As documented by scientists from UC Davis, Santa Cruz, and Merced: Scientists tallied almost 100 percent mortality of purple sea urchins and six-armed sea stars throughout the 62-mile study area. Researchers found only 10 purple sea urchins in the area once home to millions. [The] mortality rate was, therefore, >99.99 percent over 100 km. [N]o previously documented mortality event has been so severe over such a large region. Yet this would prove to be just the beginning. After 2011, as water-borne radiation became increasingly widespread as it traveled east from Japan, the die-offs grew even more intense. By 2014, the die-off of sea stars was characterized by a marine epidemiologist from Cornell as “the largest disease outbreak that we know of ever in the oceans.

It was known that “hundreds of millions” of sea stars had died by 2015. The populations of approximately 20 sea star species had been decimated, many of which are keystone species that play an essential role in ensuring the health of their ecosystems.

Chinook salmon returns were at a “record low”; in 2014 the declines of salmon, herring, cod, halibut, and pollock amounted to a 90 percent die-off, worse than anything ever seen by lifelong fishers; by 2015 sardines and crayfish had “pretty much disappeared from the Pacific Ocean” and “vanished from California waters,” with forage fish, like herring, having declined by 98 percent or more, while the anchovy population had “truly collapsed” and 13 million salmon had “just disappeared.” Even into 2017, the “unprecedented fisheries collapse” of chinook salmon was still ongoing. Meanwhile, an unprecedented number of swallows which had starved to death were reported in Oregon in 2013, with the toll for other birds such as Cassin’s auklets reaching “massive, unprecedented” levels by 2015.

Scientists were reporting that the “seabird die-off is the biggest ever recorded in 2016,” “unprecedented in size, scope, and duration,” and that “we’ve never had complete reproduction failure before. Even into 2017, the reports continued, with 500,000 or more common murres dead, “like nothing we’ve ever observed before,” with scientists identifying the reason as the fact that there is no fish out there, anywhere, over a very large area.” (sfbayview)

All of these statistics are continually ignored and concealed by our mainstream media. Just remember first it is the Bees, the Birds, the Plants, the Animals and then the Ocean Life. We are not far behind. As we are all part of the same Food Chain. When the Food Chain dies then so do we. Does anyone still think that this is not our problem still?

Link: NewsPunch

Link: sfbayview

Link: Phys.org

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