Harvard Airline Pilot Study: Depression or Poisoned by Cabin Air ?


Brace yourselves for the latest Psyop coming out of Harvard Medical Research which was published today by Professor Joseph Allen. I feel that the timing is quite interesting to me considering that Airbus and Boeing are both backpedaling on the long denied and hidden Cabin Air Contamination issues. As Boeing has been pushing it’s bleed free fresh air design Boeing B787 Dreamliner and Airbus just announced that it will offer a bleed-free fresh air design option for delivery on future A320 NEOs. We now have 3 books published on the topic of Aerotoxic Syndrome Fume Events and 2 film documentaries released on the same topic in online DVD and VOD formats. Now magically we suddenly have a new Pilot Study published today from Harvard. Their research states that these bizarre health effects encountered by pilots are causing plane crashes resulting in loss of all life onboard.  However, in particular, that these crashes occurred simply because these Pilots were all depressed, suicidal and mentally disturbed.  After reviewing his research papers on the Pilot Depression Study and the Passenger Cabin Air Quality Study, it was very disturbing that his only focus on environmental factors was Ozone and Flame Retardant interior chemicals. There was not one mention of the more serious chemical issues for passengers and crew which are the Organophosphates, Hydraulic Fluids, Kerosene, Oil and the many other toxic cocktails of lubricants.

I suppose we are all just supposed to believe that an Environmental Scientist from Harvard studying pilots and passengers has no understanding or information about these other dangerous and toxic chemicals in the aircraft cabin environment?  Professor Joseph Allen was quoted as saying: “Depression, which affects people’s ability to concentrate and process information, can present as a feeling of failure or listlessness and loss of interest in the task at hand.” Interesting that these are the exact same symptoms a Pilot in the cockpit faces during a Fume Event. However, there is zero mention of this environmental workplace factor in Professor Allen’s research throughout his medical study and surveys. This research piece just left me feeling very annoyed and manipulated. I keep hoping that one day this industry will come clean after all we know today about Cabin Air Contamination and onboard Air Quality. Yet, this seems like just more of the same lies, denial and deception which we have been enduring for the past 6 decades in regards to Fume Events, Aerotoxic Syndrome, MCS Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Cabin Air Quality.

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