Major Airlines introduce: Last Class


Legacy Carriers are introducing “Last Class” seating to compete with Low-Cost Carriers like Spirit Airlines and Ryanair. 

In the U.S., budget airlines like Spirit and Frontier offer cheap base fares but proceed to nickel-and-dime passengers for extras like drinking water, printing boarding passes at the airport and storing carry-ons in the overhead bin. Buying one of Delta or American’s low-cost fares will allow you to fly comfortably on a major airline, at a similar cost to budget ones. “Airlines are adding these lower, unbundled fares to compete with low-cost carriers,”

Major airlines are now introducing a category of seats worse than coach. It’s unofficially referred to as, “Last Class.”  This is for major airline passengers who want tickets at the absolute minimum with no perks attached. These cheap seats are a way for major airlines to compete against budget airline counterparts like Spirit and Ryanair. Delta Airlines, “Basic Economy” class ticket offers unassigned seating with no refunds or upgrades. American Airlines just announced that they will also be offering “No Frills” tickets starting in 2016. “Given that 50% of our revenue is up for grabs in the markets and these carriers have had so much success when they were not matched, we know that we have to match their fares.”  Scott Kirby American Airline President.   USA Today says: Last Class passengers will be made to feel like “Second-Class Citizens” but the trend doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. “The airlines that really need to meet their bottom line in a big way are going to push the limits of what they can get away with.”   Phil Derner NYC Aviation.


Link:   Business Insider Article and Video

Link:   Huffington Post Last Class Article

Link:   Frugal Travel Guy – Delta Basic Article





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