Adults Only: Quiet Zone Airline Flights


This seems like a very fair answer to a long-suffering airline travel problem. I have noticed a huge change over the years during my 32 years as a Flight Attendant.  Many years ago the children onboard were extremely well behaved and parents were very hands on to make sure they acted accordingly in the airplane setting. However, today the children onboard clearly have no parental supervision very often. Airline flights have become a free for all with many terribly misbehaved children running amuck in the cabin. The situation is a very delicate one and it is not very easy to deal with a parent who thinks there is no problem with their child’s bad behavior.

Some airlines are beginning to take this situation into their own hands to provide some areas of sanctuary for travelers who do not want to suffer through these interactions while using air travel.  Part of this is for customer service for their business travelers or those who just don’t want to be tormented by children onboard and the other side is for revenue reasons. They can charge for this service by creating these quiet zones for extra fees to not be around noisy ill-behaved children.  Some airlines are even looking into building all adult only flights into their flight schedules which will be at a surcharge

I am personally very anti-fees when it comes to airlines making you pay for things that really should be basic needs onboard. However, this one really makes a lot of sense to me. I would gladly pay this fee as I am sure many others would as well. This is a brilliant move for customer service and airline revenue. We can only hope that this concept catches on and it will be coming to US Airlines in the future. Several families are finding this to be anti-family and discriminatory. I would imagine it is the same ones with the ill-behaved children who offer no parental supervision to their children when they travel.

“In a study commissioned by British booking company late deals in the united kingdom in 2014, almost 70 percent of respondents said they’d like to see child-free areas on planes.About a quarter said kid-free zones should be compulsory on long-haul flights, and nearly a third said quiet rows were necessary to ensure stress-free travels for non-parenting passengers. Thirty-five percent said they’d pay more to travel on an entirely child-free flight.”

“No offense to our young guests or those traveling with them — you still have the rest of the aircraft,” Scoot CEO Campbell Wilson said at the time.”
“It’s not that they don’t like kids. They just don’t like bad parents,” Keli Goff wrote on the topic for the Huffington Post in 2013. “If someone is willing to pay for extra legroom for a more comfortable seat, and that same someone is also willing to pay for a child-free cabin to increase the likelihood of enjoying a quieter seat, but your superior opinion is that your kids are adorable and every person should be forced to see them as adorable too, and therefore should have to sit near your kids whether a person wants to or not, that would make you … what’s the word? Could it be ‘intolerant’?”    Debate continues to rage on social media.

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4 thoughts on “Adults Only: Quiet Zone Airline Flights

  1. They’re the ones causing the disturbance… let THEM pay the extra fee for the inconvenience everyone else has to suffer because of it. Don’t charge the people being affected by the problem, charge the people causing the problem.


  2. Planes have sections and there is no reason why a particular section cannot be set aside for adults only . Air Asia do it but we have to pay. That’s not on. Please offer child free zones


  3. Years overdue. The reason I think it hasn’t been introduced earlier is that airline companies do not want to be seen as child unfriendly, but that only makes them be seen a adult unfriendly. Bit it is adults who are the ones who pay for the seats, not the children. I would gladly pay extra for an airline seat on a plane without children, but there is no good reason to add a surcharge for such a service, after all the parents with children probably would not be charged for a service where their children can bawl and shout and be generally obnoxious without causing distress to others. Airlines would not loose any income if this policy were introduced, as one passengers would still want or need to fly, and it would cost very little, or nothing at all to put into practice. A notification on the airlines schedules is all that it would take. Some Cruise companies and some hotels have had an adults only choice for years now, and it doesn’t seem to worry them. So which airline company will be the first to introduce this long awaited improvement to flying enjoyment is anybody’s guess, but it will be greeted with open arms by tha majority of the public. Please let it be soon. C. M.


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