Religious Discrimination against women in Airline Seating

Orthodox Jew.png


It is time to get out of the Dark Ages in Aviation Travel

This is a simply ridiculous and discriminatory situation which still exists today in 2016. It mainly pertains to Orthodox Jews and Muslim Monks onboard the world’s airlines. Aviation is public transportation where the rights of the whole are to be honored not special interest groups.  You can not expect to have your special rights given if it is at the expense of the civil rights of others. I never accepted this excuse and would never place a female passenger in this type of position on any of my flights.

These individuals know they have these special requirements.  If they need to discriminate against female passengers, then this should require them to utilize private transportation. It is one thing to honor specific demands for ADA or disabled. This is not that category and I am fully behind the female passengers in these disputes. I do not know why some airlines still cater to this discriminatory and unacceptable behavior.

El Al Passenger, an 81-year-old retired lawyer whose family came to Israel after fleeing the Nazis during the Second World War is suing Israel’s national airline after staff moved her to another seat because an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man refused to sit next to her.

United Airlines passenger told to switch seats as the Muslim Pakistani Monks “did not want to sit next to a woman.” She stated: “I thought I lived in a culture where females were equal to men,” She complained of discrimination after she was moved to make way for two “Pakistani monks” who did not want to sit next to a woman. Mary Campos was leaving California on a plane bound for Houston when a member of the gate staff reportedly informed her that her pre-booked seat had been changed.

Link: United Airlines Article

Link:  El AL Article

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Link:  Huffington Post Article



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