Heart Muscle Damage from Cabin Air Fume Events with Bleed Air Leaks:

heart damage

High troponin levels usually indicate heart muscle damage, pulmonary hypertension, myocarditis, cardiomyopathy or congestive heart failure, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Additionally, medical procedures such as electrical cardioversion, and long-lasting illnesses such as kidney disease and heart disease, can cause high levels of troponin in the blood.

Can you heal a damaged heart muscle ?

It is not possible to actually heal or regenerate the heart muscle once it has been damaged, according to National Geographic and the American Heart Association. While the heart can recover from damage by forming a scar, it isn’t possible to heal tissue that has already died.

When scar tissue forms to heal a damaged area of the heart, this area does not work as well as healthy tissue. This causes the overall function of the heart to lessen. As a result, lifestyle changes concerning diet, exercise and medication are often required to avoid heart failure.

When heart muscle recovers from damage, it forms scar tissue, meaning that its usefulness for cardiac functions afterward is compromised. The rest of the heart keeps working if the patient survives and recovers from the heart attack, as stated by the American Heart Association.

This is why it is so crucial for Cabin Crew to not take the chances for accumulation on their receptors by simply looking the other way and continuing to fly through multiple Fume Events. Do not allow concerns over losing hours and pay or fear of retaliation for being new. These are not valid reasons not to speak up or keep flying when you know that an aircraft has leaked toxins on yourself and your fellow crew members.

You are rolling the dice. As one day you could wake up with unrepairable heart damage after too many residual, accumulative contaminated cabin air Fume Events. Do not fall for the management lie that it is no big deal. They will encourage you to keep on flying without demanding the aircraft be removed from service by the pilot for maintenance. Just remember there is no such thing as just a little bit of harmless Neurotoxins that you have inhaled. It all counts and it is just one more piece on the pile as your receptors continue to accumulate after each new exposure. Please do not be the Ostrich with your head in the sand living on the river of Denial. Do not take your health and those of your fellow crew members for granted. As one day you may wake up only to realize that it is too late and you no longer have it.

Knowledge is Power

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