Aerotoxic Syndrome: Catecholamine Mediated Myocarditis

Catecholamine Mediated Myocarditis is by far the most serious and fatal of all the medical conditions incurred from Aerotoxic Syndrome: related Fume Events. Many in the initial stages of the organophosphate poisoning exposures will not see this symptom materialize until severe and excessive accumulative Fume Events have occurred. However, once the patient is in this stage, the condition is often chronic, it does not go away and becomes the main cause that ends the life for countless disabled and injured Aerotoxic Syndrome victims around the world. The Aerotoxic Syndrome diagnosis is still only accepted in parts of Europe. The blanket accepted USA diagnosis is called Organophosphate Poisoning of the Brain, Lung, Heart, Skin, and Eyes. … More Aerotoxic Syndrome: Catecholamine Mediated Myocarditis

Heart Muscle Damage from Cabin Air Fume Events with Bleed Air Leaks:

High troponin levels usually indicate heart muscle damage, pulmonary hypertension, myocarditis, cardiomyopathy or congestive heart failure, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Additionally, medical procedures such as electrical cardioversion, and long-lasting illnesses such as kidney disease and heart disease, can cause high levels of troponin in the blood. Can you heal a damaged … More Heart Muscle Damage from Cabin Air Fume Events with Bleed Air Leaks: