Chinese Herb Natural Therapy for DVT Deep Vein Thrombosis Air Travel



Dracaena Cambodiana Tree also known as Dragon’s Blood Capsules for DVT  

Today’s air travel has become a battle of space and health versus revenue from airline ticket prices.  The American diet is filled with processed foods, high fructose corn syrup, high sugar and trans fats.  This has caused the average American waistline to expand larger and larger. All while the passenger space in the airline cabin has only gotten smaller and smaller with ever increasing tighter spaces, smaller seat widths, and shrinking seat pitches. This dynamic has created a very unhealthy and even deadly dynamic for passengers in poor health, overweight and those with circulation issues when they have to travel on long flights of 4 hours or more. This cramping feeling which they feel in their lower extremities and legs could be signs of blood clots forming or the worst case scenario (DVT) Deep Vein Thrombosis.  This can be alleviated in a couple of ways. You can do in-seat Yoga stretches or constantly walk around the cabin.  If that does not relieve the pain then this is something I never leave home without and always keep it with me in my travel bag. That would be the Dragon’s Blood extract capsules for DVT symptoms due to extended air travel in tight spaces.

A very old Chinese herbal remedy to increase blood circulation and remove blood clots and even preventing a heart attack. The Dracaena Cambodiana Tree has almost been extinct and programs in China are in the process of saving this unique species in preservation plantations are under way. Research has shown that Dargon Blood extract can cure gastric ulcers. The excerpt from Science Daily reads: “Dragon’s Blood” may sound like an exotic ingredient in a witch’s brew or a magic potion. However, researchers in China report that this bright red plant sap used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine contains special chemicals with healing properties that were effective in laboratory experiments in fighting bacteria that cause millions of cases of gastrointestinal disease each year. Due to it’s amazing response to Circulation problems, this has made it extremely effective for quick acting results for bouts of DVT Deep Vein Thrombosis during air travel from cramped airline cabin seats.

More research about the medicinal use of Dragon’s Blood extract capsules is ongoing. There are indications that, aside from removing blood clots, assist in blood production, and increase capillary blood flow, which prevents heart stroke. Dragon’s blood may also treat diabetes and was found to be a good material for natural oral insulin delivery. Dragon’s Blood also closed wounds without leaving scars.  the Dragon’s Blood extract capsules can be ordered from this link below:


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