Chucky Doll Onboard Airline Flight


Woman live-tweets sitting next to guy’s ‘terrifying baby doll’ that has its own plane ticket. (Creepy Doll looks like Chucky’s little sister. I can see what she was freaked)

Writer Sara Nović was gifted with the strangest in-flight entertainment when a man boarded the plane and basically re-enacted Lars and the Real Girl (a movie where Ryan Gosling falls in love with a sex doll). Her Tweets Below:

“Good news: no person in the middle seat next to me. Bad news: the terrifying baby doll that belongs to the man in the window seat next to me. Okay, he bought it a ticket. The flight attendant is trying to explain to him why he shouldn’t put the doll’s name on the ticket next time he buys her one. Apparently, the TSA was frantically trying to match the name and birthdate he provided UNTIL THEY REALIZED…  IT’S NOT A REAL PERSON. Enjoy my red eye why don’t i    Some updates. The man is also traveling with an entire bunch of bananas as a snack.

He is going to Cincinnati to see the giant Noah’s ark replica built to spec, and the creation museum. As a matter of course. Don’t worry. I took a picture. Happy waking nightmares, everybody.   That one flight may have been done, but the journey wasn’t over. Holy shit I had a 2 hr layover, got on next plane and AM ACROSS FROM HIM AGAIN PS the doll’s name is Barbara Also random airline workers requested I text them the photo of the doll.  I’m on her right side this time. In case you need a better view. Everyone needs a travel companion, but not every travel companion needs a ticket and their own seat. Here’s hoping Barbara and the man had the creationist vacation of their dreams.

Link: Haunted Doll Airplane Article     

Link:  Sara Novic Tweets

Link:  Chucky Video


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