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The Top Most Unsanitary Areas on the Airplane:

The places you tend to think about the least are the ones you need to always clean first before touching or using. Here is the list of the worst offenders from ranked by the number of germ causing microbes and bacteria per square inch.

You may be quite surprised at the order of this list. The innocent looking tray table is your biggest threat onboard. As these have tested for the highest number of Ecoli and Fecal Matter due to people using them for changing tables. These tables are only cleaned on deep cleaning cycle which is sometimes 30 to 90 days at some airlines. They are basically not touched until then after many uses.

  1.  Tray Table
  2.  Seat Pocket
  3.  Air Vent
  4.  Seatbelt
  5.  Arm Rest
  6.  Toilet Handle
  7.  Toilet Door Latch
  8.  Pillows and Blankets
  9.  Headrest

Surprisingly, the area people are most suspect was the cleanest part. The lavatory or toilet which often looks very unsanitary is actually the lowest threat since it typically is given cleaning and disinfectant after every flight. Always bring your small travel size sani-wipes for every flight. Once you roll up to your seat, place your bag in the bin and then wipe down your tray table, armrest, headrest, seatbelt and air vent before settling into your flying petri dish for the next few hours.

It may mean all the difference of you not coming home with some communicable disease which may ruin your hard earned vacation. It only takes a few moments and is a great investment in your health for safe travel.

Aviation Travel Writer: The Flight Times Blog

Always bring your Sani-Wipes for your Headrest, Seatbelt and Tray Tables. Remember to always shower before going to bed after a flight. Here is the reason why:

A germ expert explains exactly how gross it is not to shower after a flight

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