Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend Tour

Antelope Panoramic Vista

Friendly, knowledgeable, and supportive employees with two years of dealing with customer services with exceptional professionalism. We offer the best tour for the best price in Las Vegas. Antelope Canyon (Page, Arizona) and Horseshoe Bend (Page, Arizona) and Glen Canyon overlook. Tour includes: Bottled Water, Snacks. Does not include the Antelope Canyon entrance fee which is $35 dollars Cash Only. Guest Hotel Pick Up is available for Las Vegas Strip and Downtown Fremont areas. Antelope Canyon 1.5 hour starting with the Navajo Reservation. 4X4 Transport to the mouth of Antelope Canyon. Hike 100 meters to the bottom. Taadidiin Tour Guides will take you from there through the first Slot Canyon. Antelope Canyon X is named after the Xs carved into the Navajo Sandstone created by millions of years of rainfall and winds. Horseshoe Bend where the Colorado River makes a wide sweep around a sandstone escarpment. On its long downward journey to the sea. Around 5 million years ago, the Colorado Plateau uplifted layers of sandstone. The Colorado River created a 1,000 ft deep horseshoe-shaped bend in Glen Canyon. 1 hr at this location and Admission Ticket is included. Glen Canyon Dam Overlook rising 710 feet above bedrock with steep rust-colored sand-stone walls. 20 minutes at this location and Admission Ticket is included. This tour is best for guest with a reasonable level of fitness. It is not advised for customers with mobility, elderly or health issues.

Duration: 14 hrs

Antelope Canyon:

This is known by the Navajo as “The place where water runs through rocks,” was formed over the course of hundreds of years by water that ran through sandstone. The upper part of the canyon is at around 4,000 feet elevation, with walls that rise 120 feet above its streambed. Few geological formations are as picturesque and awe-inspiring as Antelope Canyon, a magnificent slot canyon just east of Page in Northern Arizona. It is a photographer’s dream, the canyon is known for its wave-like structure and the light beams that shine directly down into the openings of the canyon, creating a super natural appearance. The canyon gets the name from the many pronghorn antelope that used to call it home.

Antelope Rock Caverns

Horseshoe Bend:

This horseshoe-shaped incised meander of the Colorado River is located near the town of Page, Arizona. It is also referred to as the “East Rim of the Grand Canyon.” The trailhead to this 3/4 mile hike overlooks one of the most spectacular views on the Colorado River in Glen Canyon. It just 4 miles south of the Glen Canyon Dam and 7 miles north of mile zero of the Grand Canyon. The address is Mile Marker 545, Highway 89 Page, AZ. These areas are referred to as “ergs” by geologists and over time, the dunes became petrified and turned into stone. Once the bedrock of this reddish Navajo Sandstone formed, layers of sediment came to rest on top. The layers consist of sandstone, mudstone, calcite, and limestone. This is how the 270-degree bend in the river was created.

Horseshoe Bend

Price: $150

($35 Cash Antelope Canyon Entrance Fee not included)

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