Deep State Psyop Behind Las Vegas Shooting Illuminati False Flag Event

luxor pyramid (1)The events we see playing out in Las Vegas since the shooting are all complete total utter b.s.  There are walls going up now all over the strip due to be in place by New Years. It will be a fully functioning Police State in Vegas by 2018. This is nothing more than a Deep State Zionist Neo-Con False Flag Psyop just like Sandy Hook, Pulse, San Bernardino and 9/11. The Mandalay Bay valet attendant Chad Nishimura stated that he parked the car belonging to Paddock and there were minimal belongings, no bags to speak of and nothing unusual about him. He has now gone missing. Kymberley Suchomel, a survivor of the Las Vegas shooting, and a high-profile eyewitness who told mainstream media that there were multiple gunmen involved in the attack has been found dead. She was 28 and in good health but died in her sleep after making a detailed Facebook post recounting the event.  She made a statement prior to her death that she witnessed a group of men on the ground chasing her and friends with guns shooting at them from behind and was following them. This occurred following an initial Firecracker diversion which came as a distraction before the real gunfire to confuse the patrons with a false sense of safety. Witness and survivors Dennis and Lorraine Carver die suddenly in a car crash that spontaneously combusted from a CIA Thermite Grenade without impacting any other car and hit a fence. Witness Danny Contreras stated there were multiple shooters was found murdered with multiple gunshot wounds,

There was the story of the female with a male partner who approached some females at the stage and told them they were all going to die that night. These people were removed from the venue and the shots began exactly 45 minutes later. The MSM mainstream media are trying to tell us that this was just a lone wolf madman who fired the over 200 rounds alone from his 32nd-floor suite. Yet, they make no mention of the broken windows on the lower 4th floor where shots were seen fired on multiple witness video cell phone footage. Brian Hodge, the Australian guest staying in the room 32-134 next to Paddocks room gave contradicting testimony that he saw the “Police” shoot and kill a Mandalay Bay security guard on the 32nd floor before he escaped downstairs and hid in the bushes as the shooting continued in progress by what he refers to as, “Multiple Shooters.” Jason Aldean the performer at the time of the shooting has a Black Sun Tattoo on his shoulder with the numerology 10/1. His initials are J A and it matches the Illuminati card game with Jack and Ace, He has Illuminati song lyrics in his song, “Lights Come On” which describes the Shooting Event. He had the lights “illuminated” as soon as he left the stage so that the shooters could easily see the victims.  There were 30 confirmed FBI agents that had checked-in to Mandalay Bay 2 days prior to the shooting. It appears that everyone was in place well ahead of time for this well planned and pre-coordinated Deep State False Flag Psyop. Prince Al Waleed was documented in a publication in the middle east that he had sent his own Saudi sniper teams to Mandalay Bay to participate in the shooting as well.

There was a shooter spotted on the roof where apparently he was running up and down underneath the space just below the rooftop sign shooting between that opening. The black ops deep state rooftop shooter was then picked up by a black ops helicopter using a fake transponder for Southwest Airlines SWA 4119. This belonged to a Southwest WN flight for TUL to LAS that wasn’t even there at that time. The transponder hoovered over the Mandalay roof for 1 minute and retrieved the rooftop shooter at 10:21pm that nite. Mandalay Bay has over 3,000 security cameras throughout the complex. Yet, not one single piece of footage is available showing Paddock or Campos at any point during this event. We are all supposed to believe this? Paddock had a do not disturb sign left hanging on his room door for 3 days. We are also expected to believe that nobody entered or questioned this status during those 3 days.

So where is the body of this dead guard? May this have been the real Jesus Campos which really was killed by Police for what he saw that night? Has he been replaced afterward with a Crisis Actor that appeared on Ellen? Jesus Campos with a severe leg injury was somehow able to get into a rental car and drive to Mexico immediately following the shooting. He was then seen coming back through the Tijuana – San Diego exactly 7 days later and immediately appeared on Ellen. When checked at the Nevada Licensing Board it was revealed that Campos was not a registered or licensed security guard. So how was how was he even allowed to be employed at Mandalay Bay? A security guard who just goes by the name Troy Goff wearing a waste badge to a security company that does not exist is guarding Campos in front of his home. He will not answer any questions and just makes a Masonic Illuminati hand gesture when spoken to by the media. (The Plot Thickens) There is also the case of the uniform security officers chasing another single uniformed security officer who ran down the Mandalay Bay escalator past a bar in Luxor. He then escaped into the night as soon as the first shots were fired. He has never been seen, heard or spoken about in the media ever again. Witness John Bellman has a mysterious alleged suicide with himself and disabled daughter after the Las Vegas shooting. There was a special thin cell battery charger used by CIA and special military black ops forces located in Paddocks room which did not belong to him. The charger was made by Ultralife Corporation. John Bellman worked for Ultralife. Yet, another bizarre unexplained detail.

This mass Blood Ritual Sacrifice all took place with the Illuminati symbolic Luxor Pyramid in the background directly facing the music stage = altar.  The numerology alone for Route 91 Harvest Festival was on 10/ 1 = 911 and his hotel room 32-135 = masonic 32 degree, skull, and bones 322. It all spells Illuminati blood sacrifice staged ritual. MGM CEO James Murren dumps 80% of his shares of the MGM Resorts which owns Mandalay Bay just 3 weeks before the shooting. Zionist Rothschild kingpin, George Soros placed a put option on MGM with a bet to sell assets 8 weeks prior to the shooting for over 1 million shares. This definitely constitutes insider trading. How did Soros know to do this? Only one way, as the gatekeeper and puppet master at the top of the Zionist Illuminati Pizza Gate Satanic Pyramid of power who orchestrated this event.

Jesus Campos, the security guard was interviewed on the Ellen show. Where it was stated that he would not do any other interviews. It came across very rehearsed and he chose his words very carefully. Not to mention there were posted photos of him taken at the resort just days prior to this show at the Mandalay Bay Resort. When the pictures are placed side by side of the guy who appeared on Ellen, they are clearly not even the same person. So who is the man on Ellen and what happened to the real Jesus Campos in the photos? Did the Zionist Shadow Government eliminate the real Jesus and send in a Crisis Actor in his place for the Ellen Show? Perhaps this is the reason he seemed so rehearsed and will not be doing a single additional interview anywhere else period. Has the real Jesus Campos been eliminated and removed since he was too much of a liability for the False Flag narrative? He appeared on this show with an amazingly calm and a well-rehearsed hotel engineer named Stephen Schuck. Mr. Schuck was in a hall on the 32nd floor where over 200 rounds of bullets were being fired. Yet, not only did he live but wasn’t even grazed or shot one single time. This is just one more very unrealistic story which the media expects us all to believe.  Ellen also just happens to have gaming investments with her slot machines inside the MGM Resorts. MGM is a media sponsor of her show as well. So no vested interest on her part in getting this outrageously far-fetched story sold to the gullible masses.

We now have walls magically coming up instantly on the strip. This is the perfect storm so that we will all welcome a Martial Law Police State in Vegas with no resistance since the average citizen will feel we need it for our safety. Yet, what will protect us from our own deep state shadow government that has perpetrated this crime against us? There is still not a single news story or discussion about the broken windows from the lower floors where gunfire was heard. There were some people shot and some killed no doubt. Yet, much like 9/11 and JFK, none of the narratives we are being given makes any sense or remotely adds up. There was an ad by a company called CrowdsonDemand on craigslist hiring Crisis Actors in Vegas 3 weeks before the shooting. Many of these Crisis Actors have been found mixed in with regular real injured people. So why so many Crisis Actors in the Festival as well ??? Paddock had the number 13 tattooed on his neck. 13 Illuminati satanic bloodlines. The body with the shot face at the crime scene was photographed and there was no 13 on the neck of that body. Paddock was then seen alive on video just 2 days after his death in an Atlantic City Casino.

This crime scene was contaminated, the CIA and FBI would have to be fully complicit with all parts of this deep state psyop. The location and confirmed room number were communicated to the CIA, FBI, SWAT, and LVPD a full 72 minutes prior to any of them reaching Paddock’s room. There is no other reasonable explanation for law enforcement to not have made it to the room in such an inordinately long time. That is unless they were fully complicit and heavily involved in this highly deceptive, unrealistic, False Flag Psyop that went down just as it was planned.  There are now new leaked LVPD documents coming out onto the Dark Web by the Russian Mafia this week showing that the reason that all the guns were brand new and never fired found in his room. This is because Paddock was a patsy fall guy who was an undercover FBI or CIA agent covert black ops arms pilot involved with smuggling and running weapons for ISIS.

This crime scene appeared to be an illegal arms running operation that went bad for Paddock or it was staged to look that way for some reason. His identity was then made to become just a convenient fall guy for the Zionist Neo-Con Shadow Government and Shiva Mossad trained Israeli kill squad. This same group which created, armed and currently runs ISIS from behind the scenes. Paddock is now most likely in a witness protection program and they retired him out after this event. As the body at the scene looks like a staged fake copycat and is missing his neck tattoo. The dead body with the facially unrecognizable gunshot wound to the face at the scene also appears to be a man much younger than 64. These are all blatantly obvious pieces of evidence that nobody is talking about in the MSM mainstream media and none of these questions are being answered. There is then the question of the mysterious helicopter or airborne drone that comes from behind the Mandalay Bay and continually is in the frame when shots are being sprayed across the night sky onto patrons below by the music stage altar. This armed helicopter or drone is out of place. It does not match the flying pattern for tourist helicopters going to or from Grand Canyon at that time of night. Many feel that this was a military helicopter or airborne drone equipped with automatic weapons that were fired upon the patrons as well during the event.

Zionist Neo-Cons,  Sheldon Adelson and Michael Chertoff have a heavily vested financial interest in the companies that would install the newly proposed metal detectors and body scanners throughout the Las Vegas Strip. Nellis Airforce Base just outside of Vegas conveniently conducted a “Mass Casualty Exercise” identical to the real one that happened at the 91 Harvest Festival only 2 days prior to the event. Similar situations and drills took place near Sandy Hook and in San Bernardino prior to identical events. During the Sept 11th disaster the US Airforce, United States Strategic Command in cooperation with Space Command and NORAD had all planes far away leaving Manhattan unprotected during a so-called Military Training Exercise. Las Vegas was also hosting a Sharp Shoot Gun Expo where the best shooters from around the world just so happened to be staying in Vegas on Sept 30th and Oct 1st. Just another coincidence? Seriously ??? Are we awake yet people? We have all just been played again. This is just like the many other big scams from our Industrial War Complex which creates and supports all these fake wars and psyops in past American history. All you have to do is follow the money trail. Las Vegas special agent investigator Aaron C Rouse in charge of the investigation is married to the daughter of extremely corrupt pedophile pizza gate Illuminati kingpin, John Podesta. Brian Podesta is conveniently a Senior Analyst at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. He is responsible for analyzing research and locates predators who groom and attempt to sexually exploit children online and in the real world. All one has to do is connect the dots. The answer is always at the top of the Illuminati Zionist Pedophile Satanist money pyramid with Rothschild, Soros, and Podesta. As it always is and always will be. So many questions and so few real answers, even now several weeks after the event.

Knowledge is Power



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