Germanwings Pilot had a Flight Log with over 156 Contaminated Air Fume Events

Capt LubitzGerman Wings

I have flown for over 32 years. This has placed me in Contaminated Cabin Air far longer than 90 percent of the Flight Attendants at my last airline. I also incurred what I thought was an insanely high number of events for a 32-year aviation career, (3) in 2010 and (6) in 2015 thru 2017. This was a total of (9) events which the 9th one has left me Cardiac disabled. This was the most of any Flight Attendant at our airline other than one of our Captains who apparently had as much or a higher exposure level than myself who died of this same Cardiac condition in Sept 2015.

Yet, click on the final Flight Logbook pdf link below of the deceased German Wings Pilot Andreas Lubitz. He had clearly been slowly poisoned to death. After reading his Flight Log, there is not a shadow of a doubt in my mind that his mental derangement was largely in part due to Contaminated Toxic Cabin Air poisoning. Keep in mind that I have permanent heart muscle damage leaving me disabled from flying after (9) such events, This Pilot had been flying on aircraft that had a mind-numbing 156 or more Fume Events prior to his crash in the Flight Logbook. These events were also often followed by multiple pressure leaks with reduced oxygen levels on multiple Germanwings aircraft.

I honestly do not know how he flew as long as he did without incurring severe brain damage and cardiac myopathy. I really hope this document will be used to further this investigation and show the real reason for the crash. This man was not just randomly clinically depressed and suicidal. He was clearly poisoned out of his mind and this created his delirium and the randomly perceived suicidal crash. His body had reached it’s breaking point from all the accumulated chemical toxin exposures. It is what caused his aircraft to crash with a loss of all life onboard. There were no other factors that showed why he would do this otherwise. He had just bought new cars for himself and his wife. A new child was on the way and he had everything to live for in life. Except the factor of an undisclosed suicidal delirium due to excessively insane amounts of constant contaminated toxic cabin air exposures. This same unexplained mental delirium was taking place by a Pilot at Spirit Airlines. He had fallen unconscious at the controls onboard Spirt Airlines Flight 708 during July 2015 due to one of the most serious and deadliest Fume Events in the airline’s history.

The pilot was seen coming back to work right away after the event and clearly far too soon. He was still very sick and highly symptomatic. Yet, he did so due to pressure by the airline. The Captain was observed parking the aircraft crooked at an overnite where he was reported to ALPA professional standards. This same pilot was observed in a crew room that same week missing his mouth with a fork while trying to eat. The Captain was still clearly showing symptoms of severe brain poisoning from these chemicals which often cause vertigo, inability to walk straight, loss of balance and a visual depth perception problems as well as a wide array of much more serious and often permanent health conditions. These conditons are of the most prevalent in the brain, heart, lungs and eyes. Only 50 days later just before his death in Sept 2015. The Pilot had bizzarely walked out of his house with the garage door wide open and while leaving all the doors unlocked. He later appeared at a hotel rambling like a madman. Police were called and he ran from the police where he was placed in the back of a squadcar. It was there that the excessive dose of toxic cabin air exposures had taken over his body. He then died of a sudden cardiac arrest. The autopsy showed that he had excessive levels of petroleum based toxins in his blood, brain and heart tissues. He had succumed to the final stage diagnosis of Catecholamine Mediated Myocarditis due to multiple toxic cabin air exposures. This pilot was also observed with delirium at the end. Therefore, we have to ask where these pilots are concerned. Are these just random clinically depressed, suicidal pilots where there are no indiciations for them to be as such or are they simply pilots who have reached their mental and physical breaking point? This was due to the excessive toxic cabin air exposures which have in turn created suicidal delirium, disorientation and often incapaciation as well as sudden death.

This was most likely the case as well for the Air Canada Flight 759  July 2017 where the pilots nearly crashed in SFO and would not respond while nearly landing on 3 other aircraft. If these pilots did not finally come around at the last second and respond while being obviously severely disoriented. This would have been the largest air disaster in aviation history since the Canary Islands where two 747s collided in March 1977 with Pan Am and KLM. The Air Canada plane was on a direct landing path to hit atleast 3 other large aircraft on the SFO taxiway which would have killed hundreds of passengers and crew.

This is what needs to be brought forward in Aviation. We must not stop until we force airline management, aircraft manufacturers and legislative policy makers to end their over 60 years of lies and deception on this well known long concealed issue. Pilot Lubitz died while documenting this cause in his Flight Logbook. It is now up to all of us to pick up that baton and keep fighting for this cause in the name of all who have fallen. We must never stop fighting for justice and legislative policy change so that they did not all die in vain.

It is my hope that we can use this toward our final fight one day on Capitol Hill for a desperately needed Cabin Air Quality Bill. This needs to be done immediately to end this vicious cycle and prevent any further preventable fatalities. As this Contaminated Cabin Air issue clearly has a documented track record of taking a total loss of all life onboard.


Knowledge is Power

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2 thoughts on “Germanwings Pilot had a Flight Log with over 156 Contaminated Air Fume Events

  1. So sad, I honestly don’t know how he functioned for that long either? How miserable he must of been and just did not let anyone know; just mind boggling. I hope he is able like the other’s to help guide you, so the air systems of these toxic planes will be changed. I think they could be easily retrofitted to by pass the engine and make a new air source using existing airways. It has to change.

    On Friday, June 23, 2017, Aviation Travel Writer wrote:

    aviationtravelwriter posted: ” I have flown for over 32 years. This has > placed me in Contaminated Cabin Air far longer than 90 percent of the > Flight Attendants at my airline. I also incurred what I thought was an > insanely high number of events for a 32 year career, (3) in 2010 and (6″ >


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