NASA Admits to Chemtrails


“NASA admits to Dosing Americans With Lithium Antipsychotic Drug” Claims Chemtrail Theorist

A conspiracy theory that emerged online recently and has gone viral on social media claims that a recorded phone conversation between a woman and a NASA scientist first uploaded online in July 2013 proves the conspiracy theory allegation that NASA has been secretly dosing Americans with lithium, a powerful anti-psychotic drug, presumably to make Americans docile, tractable, and amenable to government propaganda and control.

The conspiracy theorist cites a study published in March 2003 on titled “Feasibility of Aerosol Vaccinations in Humans,” which investigates “the feasibility of using aerosol vaccines to achieve mass and rapid immunization, especially in developing countries and disaster areas.”

Link: NASA Chemtrail Article

Link :  NASA Chemtrail Video




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