FDA Federal Deception Administration


There is a new corrupt Rooster watching the FDA Hen House: Robert Califf

“Califf was formerly the operator of a clinical research center at Duke University. The multimillion dollar center received more than half of it’s funding from pharmaceutical ventures. He’s written scientific papers for the pharmaceutical industry. He listed seven pharmaceutical companies as having paid him for consulting them. His compensation was made possible from some very familiar names, including Merck and Novartis. And if you think this is just overstating the reality of a situation, well then consider he’s already approved statin drugs from Sanofi and Amgen, two companies he’s consulted for in the past.”

 “Califf is a known supporter of Merck’s Vioxx, a drug which has led to the heart attacks of up to 140,000 people. Vioxx’s marketing on the part of Merck was as scammy as anything we’d ever seen. They even withheld information from the FDA (source). The fact is, Califf is a highly paid pharmaceutical shill.”

Link:   Federal Deception Administration

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