Stem Cell Treatment for COPD Aerotoxic Syndrome Lung Conditions


If your Fume Event exposures to Organophosphate Poisoning have created a chronic lung condition of COPD or similar Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome then you may qualify. This is a free treatment study utilizing your own cells with the process called manual isolation of adipose-derived fat cell extraction.

This is done to create the new type of stem cells, the researchers collected adult human bone and fat cells and treated them with two compounds: 5-Azacytidine (AZA); and platelet-derived growth factor-AB (PDGF-AB) for two days.

This kick-started the process of dedifferentiation – which basically means it started to revert them to a multipotent stem cell state. The cells were then kept in PDGF-AB for a few weeks while they slowly changed into stem cells, eventually becoming tissue-regenerative iMS cells – which basically means they can repair any type of tissue in the body.

This treatment is for the COPD Lung condition. However, it has scientific results showing benefits for Neurological concerns for the Parkinson’s like symptoms, compromised cognitive brain functions, memory loss, body tremors, Cardiovascular concerns like the heart spasms from toxicity, Ophthalmology issues such as vision loss and blurred vision, Chronic Pain such as the migraines, body aches and inflamed brain nerve ending pain.

Regenerative Medicine Institute is not a free treatment facility. Yet, the link is provided below since they have the best info on the research and treatment protocol. The link after that is where you can locate a free study facility for treatment in your area. You must qualify with the required lung condition of COPD or similar. Study treatment is available in Las Vegas, Dallas, Chicago, New York, Ft Lauderdale and Miami.

Link:  Stem Cell Technology and Treatment Overview

Link:  Stem Cell Clinical Trial Information     

Contact:  Dr. Duncan B. Ross, PhD  





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