Aerotoxic Syndrome: Catecholamine Mediated Myocarditis

Catecholamine Mediated Myocarditis is by far the most serious and fatal of all the medical conditions incurred from Aerotoxic Syndrome: related Fume Events. Many in the initial stages of the organophosphate poisoning exposures will not see this symptom materialize until severe and excessive accumulative Fume Events have occurred. However, once the patient is in this stage, the condition is often chronic, it does not go away and becomes the main cause that ends the life for countless disabled and injured Aerotoxic Syndrome victims around the world. The Aerotoxic Syndrome diagnosis is still only accepted in parts of Europe. The blanket accepted USA diagnosis is called Organophosphate Poisoning of the Brain, Lung, Heart, Skin, and Eyes. … More Aerotoxic Syndrome: Catecholamine Mediated Myocarditis

Operation Indigo Skyfold: Phase 2

This was first exposed during late 2014 when a military pilot whistleblower stepped forward and completely blew the lid off the unlawful and exceedingly destructive Global Chemtrail Program. We already knew about the HAARP weather manipulation, the toxic barium and aluminum, the nano-particles, Morgellons Disease, aerosol vaccines and other various carcinogens that were being sprayed … More Operation Indigo Skyfold: Phase 2

NALED Neurotoxin Poisons Sprayed on Houston creates Fume Event type injuries

HOUSTON SPRAYING BANNED TOXIN TO FIGHT MOSQUITOS. CITIZENS WARNED BY NEWS TO WEAR GAS MASKS FOR PENDING NEUROTOXIN FUME EVENTS. NALED Organophosphate Poisoning Pesticide was sprayed by air from military aircraft over the Houston area. This was done previously over Miami and Puerto Rico in the past with devastating health results. Naled is a controversial pesticide banned … More NALED Neurotoxin Poisons Sprayed on Houston creates Fume Event type injuries