Neurological Brain Damage Inflight

  A clip from 2010 was shown last nite when reporters were talking about current Organophosphate Poisoning from Zika pesticide spraying. Yet, even though these poisons are the same and create the same symptoms, Dept of Agriculture will only investigate the poisons which create these Neurotoxins in humans if sprayed from a can for immigration purposes onboard … More Neurological Brain Damage Inflight

Police State, FEMA Camps and Mandatory Vaccinations

This is coming to America on October 14th.  If this passes then it may be time to leave America once and for all. MUST WATCH: There is a call to action in video so SHARE please. The CDC may be able to detain and quarantine you and your family… I’ve known the head of the NVIC (non profit in DC) … More Police State, FEMA Camps and Mandatory Vaccinations