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My flying career has taken me all around the world for over 3 decades. FLIGHT TIMES is an aviation travel memoir series based on my own real-life experiences and perspectives. It is a collaboration which follows a group of airline friends from the late ’70s up until the present day.

The best way to describe the FLIGHT TIMES series is Cabin Pressure meets Tales of the City with a little Twilight Zone and X-Files thrown in for good measure. It is now time to fasten your seatbelts and get “Prepared for Departure” because it is going to be a very bumpy flight.

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The Air I Breathe: “It’s Classified”

Aerotoxic syndrome is a phrase coined by scientists in 2000, to describe short- and long-term ill-health effects caused by breathing contaminated airliner cabin air. In instances that are becoming increasingly frequent, contaminants enter the cabin through the air-supply system. Oil leaks can be detected by pungent smells, described as ‘wet dog’ or ‘smelly gym socks’, and in more serious events, fumes fill the cabin. Chemical sensors to detect contaminated air – instead of human noses – would alert pilots and crew to problems, allowing prompt preventive action. The toxicity and neurotoxic properties of organophosphates contained in the jet engine oils have been known about since before the Second World War. The toxins attack the central nervous system (including the brain). Anyone frequently flying is repeatedly exposed and is therefore especially at risk. Various governments and regulatory authorities have commissioned research, which, while admitting an association between contaminated cabin air and chronic health problems, have stopped short of admitting causation. The aviation industry has tended to use the latter set of research (despite its often dubious scientific quality) to deny the existence of the problem while ignoring the evidence of the independent studies or victims’ testimonies, about which this book tells one of many stories.


FUME EVENT     “Aviation’s Biggest Lie”

This is a documentary and exposé of my own personal journey as well as that of fellow co-workers who have dealt with the deception, lies, collusion and retaliation after encountering a ‘fume event’, which is the aviation industry’s terminology for an engine wet seal ‘bleed’ affecting the aircraft breathing air which can fill the cabin with neurotoxic, visible or invisible, fumes of ‘organophosphate’ containing chemicals. This is Aviation’s Biggest Lie and it has been told for over 60 years. It is time for the flying public to know the truth. You come home from a flight and you have, quote ‘jet lag’, or you are traveling and never got sick before but suddenly you become violently ‘air sick’ onboard for no apparent reason. ‘Jetlag’ and ‘air sick’ are often the airlines ‘explanation’ and ‘excuse’ when they have actually poisoned you with leaking toxic cabin air. Once you read this book, you will never ever look at air travel the same way again. Knowledge is Power.


Aerotoxic Syndrome:  “Aviation’s Darkest Secret”

In 2005, after enduring 16 years of physical and mental harm caused by his job as an airline pilot, John Hoyte’s career was ended by a chronic illness. It took a year of research and networking with other mysteriously grounded aircrew to obtain a diagnosis of his debilitating symptoms.

Aerotoxic Syndrome is aviation’s darkest secret, yet the cause of this toxic illness has never been formally accepted – despite it doing incalculable damage to aircrew and passengers’ health for over half a century; exposure to deadly neurotoxins that leak from jet engines into cabin air makes countless flyers seriously ill, and has led to some deaths.

But there is huge pressure on the aviation industry and its government backers to systematically deny its existence. Solutions exist for this problem but the industry would rather avoid the expense of adopting them.

Hoyte draws on his experience and that of many other professionals to reveal a compelling parallel between the tobacco and aviation industries, where basic health & safety principles are ignored, whilst profit is made at the unquestioning public’s expense.

This frank layman’s account is required reading for all those who fly in jet aircraft.

Decide which is the greater scandal – the poisoning or the cover up.